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Membership/Staff Appreciation & Retention

There are few things in this world that everyone can agree on, but if there is one thing they can, it’s the fact that everyone likes to be appreciated for their work or contribution.

It has been proven that workplace appreciation and gratitude actually have a positive psychological affect on the person it is directed towards. Be it a “thank you”, a pizza party or a year-end bonus, people love to be appreciated. On the outside, appreciation is engaging, and is great for employee motivation and member retention, and can also create a unique company atmosphere and strengthen employee relationships.

If you are a membership-based facility or organization, then you know first-hand that your members as well as your staff are the driving force keeping you going. Why not show them you care!

What we do is help you select a gift or gifts and have your logo imprinted on it shipped directly to you, however whether you buy a gift or not, even simply giving your members a quick call or sending them a hand written letter to show them you care really goes the extra mile when it comes to brand awareness.

Should you decide to go this route, just know that it doesn’t have to break the bank, and can be worked into membership fees. We even have some options that offer personalization of your clients’ names right on the product.  

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 national nurses week appreciation gifts

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12th, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birth. 

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